At 38 my husband and I wanted to try and have a baby. My cycles were long and irregular, sometimes lasting 60 days. I was ovulating so late that the doctor told me it would be almost impossible to conceive. I was told to take Femara but not wanting to take drugs i remembered Mariryan from a friends referral. I saw Mariryan once a week for about 5 months before we discovered i was pregnant! I felt better than I had in a long time. Not only did I get pregnant, my headaches and other issues were totally gone. I really looked forward to my visits both because of the time I spent talking to Mariryan and how I felt after the treatment. I continued to see Mariryan throughout my pregnancy. I am confident that I not only got pregnant but had an easy pregnancy because of Mariryan’s acupuncture and herb treatments. I now have a very healthy baby boy that is happy and thriving. I can’t say enough about Mariryan. She is not only highly educated in her field but is so sweet and caring and really takes a personal interest in her patients. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a more natural approach to any ailment or fertility issue. Thank you Mariryan for everything you have done for me!
Kim Vega, Atlanta, GA
After 6 failed I.U.I’s my partner and I decided to try acupuncture. As a Physicians Assistant i was unsure of the alternative approach but thought I should give it a shot. I began seeing Mariryan once a week for 3 months prior to my 7th attempt. She really knew what she was doing and I felt very confident in her, as I should have because after our 7th attempt and 1st time with acupuncture I was pregnant. I continued to recieve treatments throughout my pregnancy to help with nausea, headaches and other pregnancy related symptoms. I also saw Mariryan for the Happy Baby treatment and am happy to report it really worked. Mariryan still remains in our lives and has been a big part of Mia’s life as well.

**Jen just gave birth to her second child. Emery James.

Jen Goldbach, Kennesaw, GA
I went to see Mariryan because I was struggling to get pregnant. My IVF clinic recommended I see an acupuncturist to help with my fertility. It was an amazing experience b/c it really helped me relax which ultimately helped me have a successfully pregnancy! I would highly recommend going to see her.
Heather Huse, Atlanta, GA
I had severe sciatica on my right leg for almost two years.After went through nutritionist, yoga teacher, chiropractor I came to see Mariryan for acupuncture. It took out most of leg pain but back side of leg tension remained.One day she told me to wear a wide rubber band around my legs, above knees and walksideways. Then miracle happened. My sciatica is gone 90%.I am so grateful for her expertise.
Shig Ikeda, Venice, FL
I experienced acupuncture in 2007 for the first time with Mariryan Heschmeyer. I suffered with acute restless leg syndrome. I had suffered with this since I was a child. I found out there was medication for this when I was in my 40’s. The effect of the medication made the restlessness tolerable most of the time but there were still those times when I felt like spiderman on speed. I was referred to Mariryan by a friend who also suffered with restless leg syndrome and she was pleased with the results from acupuncture. When you suffer from sleep deprivation and there is a legal , moral and ethical way to treat it, you jump on it, even if it involves scary needles. I jumped on this opportunity. I found out that the needles are not scary, you don’t even know they are there. We are still working on the restless leg problem but I haven’t taken any glucosamine chondroitin pills for joint pain since 2007. I have not had any episodes with sciatic nerve pain in my lower back since 2007. I had been seeing a chiropractor for sciatic nerve pain from 1993 until I started seeing Mariryan in 2007. Sometimes it takes a long time to realize that what used to be a chronic pain, just doesn’t hurt anymore. I just recently realized that I had not had any sciatic nerve pain in my lower back since my first acupuncture treatment in 2007. I recommend this to everyone who suffers with any kind of pain. If she can’t help you she will tell you. She is ethical, warm hearted, and just an overall treat to talk to. I love her and the relief she has brought me.
Joanee Hardy, Venice, FL
Mariryan is great! She takes the time to listen to your concerns and then act on them using acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She tracks your progress and has an intuitive ability to read a person’s demeanor for signs that most can’t see, to help you improve in so many aspects of life. For one, she has made it possible for me to discontinue taking statin drugs for my high cholesterol through the use of herbs and acupuncture. I feel so much better being off of that drug! Also being ADHD, she has helped me with being able to focus better and not be so scattered. Grief is another area that she can help with as well as symptoms of menopause. I will highly recommend Mariryan to anyone looking for a better, healthy alternative to healing!
Diane Davis, Venice, FL
I experienced severe facial pain in the left side of my face for 6 months. I could not chew, brush my teeth or eat solid foods. During those months I had an MRI and C-Scan with conflicting diagnosis. .neurological or trigeminal neuralgia. I was under the care of 2 neurologists who placed me on meds with no results, and 2 dental surgeons who ordered me 2 different retainers with no results. Surgery was the next step recommended by all the doctors. Being no doctor was able to confirm a diagnosis I decided to step away, live with the pain and wait for another door to open. A friend of mine aware of my situation recommended I see Mariryan Heschmeyer, an acupuncturist. Never having experienced acupuncture I was hesitant, but my friend is her patient and has had positive results. So, I began seeing Mariryan and after 3 treatments my facial pain completely disappeared and never returned. What all those doctors could not treat, Mariryan did! My husband, who has had chronic back pain for years, is also a patient of Mariryan and very pleased with his results. We are both indebted to Mariryan for her professionalism, knowledge, and care for leading us to a pain free life.
Joan Thomas, Venice, FL
Having suffered from cluster headaches and chronic SI pain for many years I was absolutely at the end of my rope when I found Dr. Heschmeyer. I had already agreed to have Gamma Knife surgery to try to stop the pain of the cluster headaches when I started to see Dr. Heschmeyer. After her treatments I no longer have cluster headaches and I can walk without a limp for the first time in years. My results have been absolutely amazing and I can’t thank her enough. Charles
Charles Bruce, Dawson, GA
I have seen Dr. Heschmeyer for an array of sports related injuries. She always gets me feeling better FAST. She also directed me nutritionally and I was able to PR again after 15 years! I would highly recommend her for acute or chronic pain.
Heather Butcher, Venice, FL