Mariryan Heschmeyer, D.O.M.

Mariryan Heschmeyer graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science in 2000. After one year in a doctorate program for Audiology she decided to switch her career path to Oriental Medicine. She continued her education at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, graduating in the top of her class in 2005 receiving a Diplomat in Oriental Medicine.

Mariryan is nationally board-certified in Acupuncture, Chinese herbology and biomedicine. She accepted an appointment in Atlanta shortly after graduating to treat top professional athletes that included The Atlanta Falcons, Braves, Thrashers and Hawks. Upon moving back to Florida she began working with members of the Tampa Bay Rays as well as local elite and Team USA triathletes.

Not only is she versed in treating acute and chronic injury she also specializes in internal and family medicine, including infertility as well as pre and post natal. She has a successful practice in Venice Florida.

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